Monday, March 31, 2014

Tea Leaves

My fingers reach, but do not touch-
I pass through the cup
(is it even warm?)
and on through this thousand-pound wood
counter as if it were a wind of water.

The glass is no window;
I stare out a portal
to somewhere there is sunlight
somewhere that is real
a place to touch
to be touched
to sip time,
slurp moments
burp the excess
tea breath,
rosy whispers among friends.

Out there,

It is the Beyond, within.
I wonder if I will
find it again - a voice
calls out “I am here!”
I think it is a clock not yet
assembled, a jumble of cogs and
spikes and wheels, that will be
the future. The tick-tock.
but it is the Past.


There is no escaping,
just settling in
a burrowing, a closing off
of everything
but loss,

the dark bell jar

tea leaves scatter
in the wind.

- written upon hearing that my mentor (who suggested I pursue political science) passed away last night. Patricia Weitsman, you were loved, and your legacy will ripple on and on and on.


Robert Bourne said...

interesting... a sense of being shut in or shut out...although I guess they are both the same... looking at what is in the bottom of my tea cup just confuses me...

Brian Miller said...

ah i am sorry for your loss...those so close to home hurt...the disentangled feel to this passing through...i like the rather straight forward sip/burp...ha...the seeking of it though, the touch...its real...