Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sanctuary of Outcasts

Reincarnation may be dead,
but the in-between lives here.

Enter an era
of pain, passion, and obsessions,
when the power to think
is thicker than blood.

Even the vaguest memories
are drawn to us.

Ancient scars remain
with these young souls,
enthralling the
undertakings of our time.

In the Sanctuary of Outcasts,
no one's abandoned.


Brian Miller said...

hey count me era of real feeling....where no one is excluded...i would be all about it...i have always felt more welcome in the outcasts anyway...

Robert Bourne said...

there is always a home for Outlaws and Outcasts... not readily seen except for those who ride the same paths...

Karla B said...

This is magical in so many ways!Great job!