Sunday, March 16, 2014

Each part is a...

Patchwork sewn into a whole.

The bittersweet,
the saccharine - low:
the dripping moments dunked and dipped,
the tea-dress torn, the brimmed hat tipped,
the honeyed tea in chipped cup sipped.

A part of a party, an Alice party,
with the danger of a
time-warp hole.


Brian Miller said...

be careful when you slip down that hole...interesting mix as well of textures...some inviting like the tipped hat, the torn dress being on the opposite end...

is that your art? its cool...smiles.

Robert Bourne said...

...a weaving of opposites... sometimes an interesting combo.. sort of reminds me of myself... :)

Sweeper of Dreams said...

Thank you! Brian, it is indeed my art. I think I spend more time collaging than writing, most weeks. And Robert, I keep returning to that concept myself!