Thursday, December 16, 2010

a magical place!

In one more month, I will be able to welcome my newest nephew, Pablo, to the world. Since my sister's wedding was a beautiful, low-key event, my family decided she needed to have one helluva baby shower! We threw her shower in a beautiful mansion in Cincinnati. It used to belong to the Catholic church before some rich and famous people bought it before the current owners. It's quite ornate, as you can see by glimpsing one of the sitting rooms.

Anyway, there's something timeless and whimsical and yet hauntingly mysterious about this garden.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I dare in December; I dream and I wait

So much has happened in the past month!

-I got a job! I'm the newest adjunct instructor at the Findlay Market branch of Chatfield College, a small Catholic college geared to nontraditional students. I am ecstatic to say I will be teaching a Political Science 300 class and an English 100 class. I still get all bubbly when I think about it.

-Chris Salmon's Kickstarter project got the funding it needed and then some! I cannot wait to see "The Price."

-An acquaintance of mine, Go Takayama, was imprisoned in Cambodia supposedly for taking pornographic pictures. He was in Cambodia for a photography workshop, and the pictures he took were far from pornographic. Thankfully, he was released about a week later, with all charges dropped. I helped supporters on Facebook find the addresses and email addresses for various embassies and I wrote some pretty passionate letters to those embassies and to my local politicians.

I know Go both through journalism classes at Ohio University and through a mutual friend. I actually ended up living in Go's old house with that mutual friend. I came to appreciate some of the things Go left behind, like a beautiful painting of a woman with longing in her eyes. Anyone who's met Go can attest to his character and to his artistry. You can view some of Go's photographs at this Website. He is a talented, inspired, and cultured individual. I sincerely wish him the best and hope his future holds the success -and safety- he deserves.

-Lynxy got declawed and picked up this habit of sitting like a prairie dog on his haunches, resting his front paws on his pudgy belly.

-I passed the 40 page mark on my novel! 43 pages, to be exact. And there has been some poetry writing... And I am working on that short story inspired by last month's pictures! Hopefully, I'll be pleased enough to post it soon.

-Most intimately, however, I suppose my perspectives on and connections to humanity have wavered this month. I find myself connecting with other human beings in the most uplifting ways, only to lose those connections and feel ... suspended. I feel as if people are candles and I'm a moth; each person consumes me and then there's just a translucent outline of me floating around. I suppose it must be the weather. Winter and snow have never sat well with my soul, and this looks to be a rather nasty winter. At least it's good for the writing, and at least I have something to force me to go out and about now.