Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Price

I write this curled up on my bed with my six-month-old cat curled up in a striped and dotted ball on my legs. I've been very sick this last week, probably with bronchitis, and the little furball has been convalescing with me, improving my spirit immensely.

Which is why I feel particularly inclined to support Christopher Salmon in his effort to make a movie version of Neil Gaiman's "The Price." "The Price" is a short story about a magnificent cat in Smoke and Mirrors, one of Mr. Gaiman's most brilliant works, in my opinion.

Mr. Salmon is using Kickstarter, which basically gives him a few weeks to raise the money he needs for the project. $64,000 of $150,000 has been raised, but he will only get the money if $150,000 is raised by December 1.

Check out Neil Gaiman's blog and the trailer:

I pledged, and it's very simple. Even for someone as horribly computer un-savvy as me. So, what can it hurt? Give it a go!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Friday Wishes and Wonders

As I'm adding stuff to my etsy page, I can't help being sidetracked by all the beautiful things! Here are some inspirations:

"Dedication" by ingridArtStudio

"Steampunk Cuff" by edmdesigns

...and some non-etsy items found while surfing the 'net!

An Oscar de la Renta necklace
A Les Habitudes dress
...and some random vintage inspired dresses

These images tell me a story, one I think I should write! Maybe, just maybe, I will... so check back for my enthralling attempt to verbally articulate these pictures' aesthetic intrigue. Possibly.

In the meantime, what do they say to you?

In Honor and Remembrance

Today, as I was transcribing my journal from my life in Cardiff, I came across a beautiful memory.

While I visited Edinburgh, I wanted to see museums, honor literary figures, goggle at architecture, and take whiskey and ghost tours (all of which I did), but I had no real inclination to visit Edinburgh Castle. My travel partner, however, wanted to see the castle so badly that he even paid for half my fare. I think I'll be eternally grateful that he dragged me along.

You see, the castle is grand on many standpoints, but its interactive and moving displays of military history go above and beyond most of the military museums I have seen. (And I've seen a lot of military museums, being the daughter of a Naval Academy grad who ended up teaching in the Air Force as a Lieutenant-Colonel for more than 30 years.)

Seriously, this display was sweet! You walked through the progression of military weapons, uniforms, and theaters. Not so unusual. Unusual: It had a helmet, the sort a knight would wear, that you could try on.


And it had the Scottish National War Memorial, a large blue-gray stone building with stained glass windows and more contemplative silence than most living people can handle. It opened in 1927 and serves to honor all the Scots who died from WWI to present day. Their names are listed in books and binders in the memorial.

One quote in particular captured my attention. Luckily, I wrote it down... and stumbled across it on Veterans Day two years later:

“Ye who pass this way hold in memory those who ministering to the souls of their fellow men gave their lives…”

Thanks to all who have stood up for their countries, sacrificing their time and passion and lives. You are remembered. You are needed. You are loved. Your spirit lives on in the country you served and all around the world.

Blessed be.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Then November comes...

The days, with their white-gray skies and scraggly branches, blend into one another. November is here, has been here... amazing.

October went out with a bang, naturally, since I spent it in Athens! The Court Street shenanigans felt dull this year. Perhaps after five years in Athens, I've finally had enough. I've never really enjoyed crowds and I hate objectification, so it makes sense that I'd feel a little uncomfortable in the Court Street masses of bare flesh and drunken stupor. I spent most of my time holed up in my friends' house, enjoying good company, good music, and precious moments of relaxation.

Leaving would have been unbearable except that Rosie and Lynx were waiting to greet me. There's nothing quite like a slobbery smile and a mischievous wink to meet one at the door.

Here are some Halloween pictures:
my mask

Me in my fairy costume with my friend Mr. Owl