Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Magic in the air

Methinks there be magic afoot!

October has brought with it a crispness that promises change! The world is changing color, and the air is tinted with wonder.

This waning moon period feels perfect for casting off unwanted thoughts and habits. In just two days, the new moon will arrive! Then the real magic begins as the yearly cycle spins fast toward Samhain.

For me, I've decided this is the perfect time to stop giving excuses and to start practicing life affirmations. I know most people wait until the New Year to make resolutions, but the waning moon bursting into the new moon seems like a good time to me.

Resolution 1: Practice one contemplative exercise a day

Resolution 2: Get cracking on my doctoral applications!

Resolution 3: Work on my novel

Resolution 4: Get my Etsy site up and running

Well, I'd better go work on that! Merry meet and merry part, until we meet again!

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