Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Fading Lands are coming!


Just twenty days until the release of the fifth and final book in C. L. Wilson's Tairen Soul quintet. I've been reading these books religiously since the publication of the second book, Lady of Light and Shadows.

The series follows Ellysetta Baristani, a peasant girl who discovers her fate lies with the king of the Fey, who also happens to be a Tairen Soul, a very powerful Fey that can turn into a tairen. Tairens are cat-like magical creatures, and they are almost extinct. As Ellie delves deeper into the magical world, she discovers that she herself is much more than she ever dreamed.

Originally, the series was supposed to be a quartet. After the third book came out, there was an incredibly long pause before the announcement that an additional book would join the series. I was a bit angry that I wouldn't get to finish Ellie's story when the fourth book came out, but at least Wilson will do Ellie justice. It has been a long and arduous wait for this finale, and I, for one, am counting down the days.

These books are magical, well paced, and well written. I tell my friends that Wilson's imaginative worlds are on par with Tolkien's. My friends could tell you how shocking such a commendation is from me; I am such a Tolkienite that I taught myself how to speak and write the Quenyan form of Elvish (a talent that has rusted itself into oblivion since my entrance into college).

I will also add that for you fantasy lovers who are wary of Tolkien's lengthy descriptions and philology, Wilson creates an equally fantastical world in less lengthy and weighty prose.

Seriously, you need to check these books out!

My only complaint is that since her work has been cast as romantic fantasy, it has a few ill-fitting love scenes that I recommend skipping over. In this case, the genre-fication of these books did them an ill. Yet these books are of such a caliber that I believe any could forgive whatever minor setbacks might be present.

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