Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Splashing the Divide: New Collage Book

For show
For tell -
these are for naught.

The flow of thought
if pure and clear
reveals the soulspring
in all its gears,
the inner spark
and all its dark
that leads the way
through years.

Welcome to my newest completed collage book, Splashing the Divide. Collages, found poems, and general reflections - page by page- are on their way. Delightful project from the moment I sewed the cardboard covers and inner pages (hand-dyed with coffee, tea, herbs, and spices) together to when I completed the last collage, completely out of order.


Brian Miller said...

ha. out of order....but then again, that is just the order you ascribed it...maybe it found its own....really cool concept too with the collage and words...its a visual delight....

Brian Miller said...

love the title too...

Sweeper of Dreams said...

Welcome back! I look forward to hearing about your adventures; the absence of your blog posts have been felt acutely. And thank you so much- I like to hope these pages reflect the wild, wacky intersections of my wandering mind. Plenty more to come!