Sunday, May 25, 2014

Where the Words Went

Inspiring Artwork: The Storybook by Catrin Welz-Stein

(Catrin has a great Website that provides endless, fantastic surreal browsing experience.)

I scour one after the other
each page
looking for a fingerprint,
a word, a tear,
a sigh(n).

The script
in sudden
Where have all the words gone?

They seemed so important
yet when I had them,
they died on the tip
of my tongue or took
dust moats as sails
brandishing swords
targeting onwards,
drawn to the hum-thrum
of my eardrum.

I swat them away,
keep looking
in the old places,
brittled pages.

Around me, the lost
words break loose,
a deluge –

I am caught in the storm
of invisible droves,
flashing letters,
falling words,
ghost whispers
twisted in a gale.

They strike like rain,
my eyes blind and
the fevered search


Brian Miller said...

nice...we did a prompt to catrins work at dverse...she is a great one to write to....

nice play on sigh(n) and its interesting how we scour for words and at the same time they pelt us...what we look for right in front of us

hedgewitch said...

That was a fascinating website--some very cool collages and artwork. This poem is very well done in and of itself, but when combined with the picture, even more intense, a skewering of how words(and art) play with us as much as we with them--I especially liked
"Around me, the lost
words break loose,
a deluge –"
I have definitely felt like that.

Brian Miller said...

hey you....
hope the summer is going well..
been wondering where you were...smiles.

Karla B said...

I love her work too. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your comments.