Monday, May 12, 2014

The Last Night of the Earth

It is the last night of the earth,
Last year, glaciers melted and the world shrank.
There were Ice Ages and reigns of fire
and more history then.

If it is to end, again,
let it end like any other,
looking in from these
parapet peepholes
at these leaking stone walls
flowing amber curtains
cheap green carpet
gum-gucked furniture

I scrawled my name in blood across this place.

Tonight, I tear it down
brick by brick
ready to build again.

(Red-tinted Caerphilly Castle, Wales, 2008)


Brian Miller said...

smiles...its all about tearing down out castles and starting over, isnt it...i love the twists in this...more history last year, ha. and the last night, again...smiles.

Brian Miller said...

i hope you are having a wonderful weekend...smiles.