Sunday, April 13, 2014


Set in a dream world
of nightmares and hallowed heroes,
there is a glazed moonscape of wonder,
bursting the extraordinary
out of the mundane.

It used to be a recurring dream,
beckoning me to the straits of memory.
Such architecture and atmosphere
has lured shamans, explorers, and adventurers.
It's been bottled up:
passion taken form,
a figure standing in the hollow
sanctuary for the captivated.

Bound by a tie others know not:
purpose and destiny.

Wrap it around you.

I crave you,
body and soul.
The rest is silence,
a question of despair
marking the hours


Brian Miller said...

we need to get back to that wonder...let it be beyond our dreams and color our reality...ha. something that wild can not be bottled.

hedgewitch said...

I am not usually a fan of poetry collage, (mostly because it is so often banal)but I really liked seeing this poem in that form, and found the visuals actually enhanced it. A great blending of things we fear and things we need, of awe, wonder, and just a bit of something darker.

Sweeper of Dreams said...

haha, funny story, Brian - after I wrote this (pure whimsy, really), I saw a TV miniseries called Alice (2009) wherein bottling the unbottle-able is the premise. It's inspired much later work!

And hedgewitch, I am delighted you enjoyed it! I only began collage poems recently, a marriage of my two previously separate favorite hobbies. Cheers!