Sunday, April 6, 2014

Childhood Wonders and Lifelong Quests

You've always wanted to find
aliens that are centuries old
and invented it all-
from battleships to bistros.

It's a love of adventure,
a great detective story,
and the search for immortality...

It does beautiful things.

Go forth and conquer!


Also, a big thanks to Abigail Wyatt at poetry24 for the well-captured review of my poem. Her words certainly struck a chord!



Robert Bourne said...

never lose the desire for quests and wonders... it becomes harder to keep the momentum as the years pass... but it is worth the effort... speaking from experience :)

Brian Miller said...

ha. this is very cool...i like the contrast between the two you think it was aliens? smiles...i like the empowerment in the second half of this...i def love my adventure and finding new wonders...

Victoria said...

Gorgeousand bewildering art and poetry!! Beautifully brilliant!!
Always love my visits here..

Sweeper of Dreams said...

So glad you enjoyed! Ever so much more to come...