Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Morning Cwtch"

I peel the sheets off,
like seaweed and orange rinds,
and come to a hollow
where silence churns
flashing sunlight
bold colors,
a wind spinner.

At the end of my fingertips
and far, far away
the opal mountains
of your flesh begin.

I reach for them.
find creases.
follow them,
these rivers &
I pass the borders,
marvel at their
carved perfection
and wonder where they lead
and whether I should follow.

Instinctually, I wander
farther than I meant to go
and find
a measure of
the unexplained,
untrodden terrain
and firefly candles
on a warm scented night.


Much thanks to my incredible partner for the inspiration. <3 BTW, this is my fifth entry for the West Coast Eisteddfod poetry competition; the deadline's tomorrow!

The link thingy is broken again, so here's the Website:

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