Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Price

I write this curled up on my bed with my six-month-old cat curled up in a striped and dotted ball on my legs. I've been very sick this last week, probably with bronchitis, and the little furball has been convalescing with me, improving my spirit immensely.

Which is why I feel particularly inclined to support Christopher Salmon in his effort to make a movie version of Neil Gaiman's "The Price." "The Price" is a short story about a magnificent cat in Smoke and Mirrors, one of Mr. Gaiman's most brilliant works, in my opinion.

Mr. Salmon is using Kickstarter, which basically gives him a few weeks to raise the money he needs for the project. $64,000 of $150,000 has been raised, but he will only get the money if $150,000 is raised by December 1.

Check out Neil Gaiman's blog and the trailer:

I pledged, and it's very simple. Even for someone as horribly computer un-savvy as me. So, what can it hurt? Give it a go!

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