Friday, December 26, 2014

"What Shadows Follow the Souls of Men?"

Where you walk,
you stretch behind yourself,
shrinking from the light.

When you walk into the light,
you leave some of yourself
behind. What part is that?

Is it your doubts about
moments being connected,
a life of pictures
instead of films?

Will your breath
pull through?

Your need to fidget,
avoid silence?

The way you picture
your own shape and
measure it against
the puzzle you make
of the world?

The way the images
leaving dark snow.
Even that blows away.


Hello, all. Merry meet again. How have 20 days gone by since my last post? Well, it was dissertation proposal crunch time, end of semester grading, holiday traveling among Illinois, Ohio, and Virginia... and some minor crises to deal with. All of these things have been excellent fodder for writing, so keep checking back. I hope your 2014 has been inspiring and enriching, complete with holidays packed with good cheer and company. Stay warm and safe, friends!

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manicddaily said...

What a very cool poem--it is such a wonderful and creative view of shadows and the way we shade the moment, as well as sketching in ourselves--the connection of one moment to the next as well as our connection with it--you raise all of these questions here in a very deft way, and then bring it down to change--or impermanence I guess a better word--really interesting. Thanks. I hope you are having a nice break. K.