Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Flasher and the Fissure

October was a month like me,
a month smoked with wild dreams
welded shut with loss of leaves.
A blazing month that dropped its cloak.
thus filled with gaping holes.

(How time flies! It hardly seems right to welcome November without bidding October adieu. October was a tough month. It brought death. It held lots of stress. But it also knew joy. And now I greet November the only way I can: one breath at a time, with a commitment to appreciate my blessings.)

November cuts into the ground,
cold and sharp and deeper down.
Therein lies the treasure here: cold claws
remove the gold, oil, smoldering belly of fire.
Rise, repeat; hurry! The snaggle-toothed Snow King is coming.
We must draw up what he will covet. Pull it up! Higher! Higher!


Victoria said...

So very beautiful..powerful images and thoughts circling my mind..wonderful poetry..meaningful and strong! I am sorry October was a sad time for you, wishing you many new blessings and new joy to cloak you during winter!

Brian Miller said...

snaggle tooth snow is on us...the wind is whistling through his teeth tonight as well...sorry that october was a tough month...and sorry on the death...i hope the new month si better to you...

and good to see you...

Stacy Lynn Mar said...

wow...i love how each month received it's own stanza...but that first one just blew me away!! :)

your blog is always a treat!