Sunday, February 2, 2014

Collage Poems

Tactility –

the malleability of words
and the mindless
crafting of them, snipped
from pages
and stitched
in a brand new way.

“collage poems”

[yes, the title’s last. A braver writer would add, “Fuck off” or “So what?” I simply let the sparkle come into my eye and the words “poetic license” slip through my mind.]


Brian Miller said...

def cool...kinda like refrigerator poetry with those word magnets...i like the erasure poems as well where you delete or mark out the words around words on the page to form poems....

Sweeper of Dreams said...

Me, too! Like erasure poems and fridge magnet poetry, that is. I'll have to post some soon... what about you? Do you have some to share?