Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Beneath the Glamour

So, today is a day of shadows and fog, not outside the window, but behind the eyes. No collage. Just a poem. Note the nerdy UU and Who references.

“Beneath the Glamour”

Something comes in the silence,
Something we are not prepared to face.

Our eyes can’t see the thing that
comes in the in-between


A ghost?
No, not so
little substance,
I’m afraid.

Somewhere I heard the word
“Oversoul” – like weeping angels,
we bare ourselves open,
rendering a circle

There is a cough,
a little laugh,
and then
It pulls back
into the heartbeats,
the tides of our diaphragms.
Shivering wingbeats ripple our flesh
with goosebumps binding the

Whispers, our breath.

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